Interactive Studios: Organic

Organic specializes in digital experience, that is everything from websites to mobile apps, to banners. I was really excited to visit their studio as their studio space is quite open and organized.

Their company website unlike some others I’ve visited are on a dark background, which is quite unusual to showcase portfolio work.

Flash Opening


Here are some of the snapshots during the visit:


Upper deck

Large open space

Rock band and Jits

Work area

Meeting room


Interactive Studios: TBWA\Toronto

TBWA\Toronto is one of the largest full services advertising agencies. They are known for campaigns for Absolut, Nissan Juke and Gaterade. They also use the term, Disruption a lot. Here is their process: 1) Convention: a widely accepted belief 2) Disruption: a radical new idea to help reach the vision faster 3) Vision: a projection of the company into the future. A big idea to aspire to.

Here is a video done by Adbuzz to tour around the great agency that is located across from Harbour Front.

TBWA\Toronto Building

Harbour Front View




We are the Pirates, not the Navy!

In TBWA\Toronto, they call themselves, Pirates, because they want to separate themselves from people who follow rules. They don’t want to limit themselves within boundaries. Hence, “We are the Pirates, not the Navy”

Interactive Studios: One Method

I have been to One Method twice already. The first time was just a random encounter when I tour around Liberty Village with my friend during summer. The second time was from the Fall Tour of Interactive Studios. Their Creative Director, Steve Miller told us that One Method is a creative shop of both digital and design, both shares equal amount of importance in their work. Their digital work includes: web, ad, mobile media, social media, digital content, motion design and applications. Their design work involves the traditional print medias, branding, ads, interior design, strategy and curriculum. I got very beneficial tips and advices during Steve’s presentation that day. “You’re only as good as your weakest piece”. Your worst work in your portfolio is always the most memorable one, so all designers should make sure to only include the best work in your portfolio. Another tip he gave was that a resume of a designer needs to stand out and be as creative as possible. It needs to catch the Creative Director’s attention and make an instant impression. The work in your portfolio should reflect you as a designer and the time and effort you spent. After the visit, I actually took the entire week at home concentrating on building my best work for my portfolio and making my creative resume.

Here is a preview of their website. Their website showcase a lot of their digital and interactive works such as motion graphics and videos. Their background image of the website is actually the illustration on one of their walls inside the studio.


Home Page


Here are some snapshots during the visit: I really like their studio, it almost feels like home but more roomy and open. I love the big space and the amount of light inside the studio. One of my favourite interior designs I’ve seen from a studio.


One Method conference room

Private area on your own

Game area

Very open space

Their graffiti wall with all staffs on board. This is the president of One Method

Account Team

Indoor basketball

President's Room

Sitting area

It's funny how every agency has a Jitz table

Open Kitchen


Interactive Studios: Mighty

Mighty to me is an agency focuses heavily on digital media or internet. Their creative process involves the entire team, because they believe good ideas can come from anybody even from the accounting person. They use entertainment, social media, music, websites, interactive displays and software applications to make brands famous. I did not get to tour around their studio as much as the other ones, but it has a big open space area with a large open kitchen. Very spacious and open. Their rooms are also quite opened as well, because they are just one big glass, you can pretty much see what  is inside from the outside. I had the privilege to greet their Creative Director, Jon Toews. He shared that their ideal candidate needs to be very good at one thing and able to do other things as well, and in his words “hungry on other things”. He recommended all designers to keep themselves updated in pop culture and digital online in order to be successful in this industry.

Their website is like a blog, sharing all cool and innovative videos clips or designs that they encounter on a normal basis. They also made a self-promo website called, Make Me Mighty. A cool webpage that generates interesting graphics when you type in your name to make it “mighty” and epic.

Their webpage is more like a blog style

Their Self Promo Site to make your name all Mighty and Epic

The graphics are different every time

Main Lobby Area

Interactive Studios: Taxi

Taxi is one of the few privately owned full service ad agency in Toronto. Their studio is quite interesting. I’m not sure if it’s because it is inspired by their name because it is like a maze to me, a lot of turns, hallways and staircases. One of their famous client works includes the cute sugar streak for Koodo Mobile.

Their webpage is dark and minimalistic:

Taxi Web

Taxi Reel

Here are some of the snapshots during the visit.

One of their many staircases

One of the many hallways

Seminar/Presentation inside a Garage

*Sorry for the blurry photos

Interactive Studios: Idea Couture

Idea Couture is a strategic innovation and experience design firm. They like to be seen as the futurists that come up with unique and innovative ideas for their clients to meet their business goals. The CEO of Idea Couture is a Japanese, which I find quite surprising. No wonder why, I find so many cool figurines and design products around the agency. I love Japanese culture.

Their website is fairly simple, and nothing too fancy like the others constructed in Flash. It is the few ones that I’ve seen where you get the options of having the language set in Chinese. You can also try their quiz to find out if you are an integrated thinker who thinks with left brain or the right brain more.

Here are some of the snapshots during the visit:

*Sorry for the blurry photos.

Interactive Studios: Grip Limited

Besides the big orange slide inside Grip’s studio, the most memorable part during the visit was the terminology that I learned from the Director of Production, Jacoub Bondre: Intercommunicapakastrapromatising

Cool eh? This “simple” term describes what the agency is all about.

Interactive + Communication + Packaging + Strategy + Promotion + Advertising = Grip Ltd.

A preview of their website shows how strong they focus on the interactivity in their work. I think it is certainly one of the most entertaining and attention-grabbing websites I’ve seen among all other agency’s websites. They focus on being interactive, users can scroll up and down or sideways to view their work and company content. Typography also weighs heavily as well. However, I still think it is more of a wow factor than actually functional. It is not the most user friendly and easy website designs. You almost need some time to figure out how to navigate the pages to see what you want to see.

Here are some of the snapshots during the visit:

The Big Orange Slide

Upper Floor and the Lower Floor


Work area

*Sorry for the blurry photos