A Citrus-licious Billboard Powered by Tropicana Oranges

DDB in Paris created a billboard using hundreds of Tropicana oranges to illuminate a neon sign that reads “Natural Energy”.  After the billboard is taken down, it was told that the oranges were collected and reused in a compost or to produce biogas.

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River turned Green by Mcdonald’s Shamrock Shake. Yum? or Dumb?

Creating buzz for Mcdonald’s Shamrock Shake for St. Patrick’s Day in Chicago, the campaign involves an over-sized shake that has been placed at the riverside. The river is dyed green, as if it was caused by the tipped over shake. I am not a big fan of this idea, as my immediate thought to this campaign is “How are they going to turn the river back to its original colour?”.  Also, I don’t like the fact that you are putting chemicals into the river to turn its colour, we have enough pollutions already, we don’t need more from advertising.

Sorry, I’m not really lovin’ it.

This is what I called, Design that Tastes Good. Yumm~

Oversized bowls of dipping sauce sit at the base of the elevator banks in one of Shanghai’s most popular shopping malls. As each elevator descends, nuggets lower into the sauce, reminding the people the taste anticipation and provoking immediate action or response.

Brilliant idea.

Yet, seems like this idea has already been used long ago for Orea Cookies. Either one, I still think it’s great and clever. I’d totally go grab them immediately when I see these in person.

Check them out! (Make sure you’re not on a diet when you watch them, otherwise you’re putting yourself into trouble)

Mcdonald’s Dip Dip Nuggets Campaign:

Oreo Cookies Campaign: