Bringing back the paper pop ups – Nescafé

The idea of sharing a moment through conversations and coffee breaks has been reinforced in Nestle’s latest newspaper advertisement. When you open up the papers, they are equipped with two foldable mugs packed with instant coffee (does it come with cream and sugar, by the way?). You are then encouraged to unfold these cute paper mugs and fill them with hot water to create an instant drink with someone around you (presumably someone whom you’d like to talk to). The idea is to share a moment with those around, while reinforcing the brand benefit.

I love the execution. It turns a simple idea (reminds me of my childhood pop up books) into a wonderful conversational piece. It becomes unique in today’s marketing strategy which is often very digitally based with the use of new technology. For these cups, they are recyclable and don’t cost much to do too!



A Citrus-licious Billboard Powered by Tropicana Oranges

DDB in Paris created a billboard using hundreds of Tropicana oranges to illuminate a neon sign that reads “Natural Energy”.  After the billboard is taken down, it was told that the oranges were collected and reused in a compost or to produce biogas.

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Interesting Bag Ads

I got an email forwarded to me recently regarding some of the plastic bags design out there. Although the industry and retail stores rather use tote bags or non woven bags more than plastic bags nowadays, I still think some of these plastic bags are quite cool and did it’s job on selling the brand.

Which one interests you the most?

This one is quite funny…haha I quite like how they made use of the “distorted” nature of the bag and where the fist will fit when they hold the bag. Quite clever idea for Panadol

I wonder what brand or what is this one advertising for…

Hair products perhaps?

This one really freaks me out a bit…o_O I wouldn’t want to keep looking at this bag…