Interactive Studios: One Method

I have been to One Method twice already. The first time was just a random encounter when I tour around Liberty Village with my friend during summer. The second time was from the Fall Tour of Interactive Studios. Their Creative Director, Steve Miller told us that One Method is a creative shop of both digital and design, both shares equal amount of importance in their work. Their digital work includes: web, ad, mobile media, social media, digital content, motion design and applications. Their design work involves the traditional print medias, branding, ads, interior design, strategy and curriculum. I got very beneficial tips and advices during Steve’s presentation that day. “You’re only as good as your weakest piece”. Your worst work in your portfolio is always the most memorable one, so all designers should make sure to only include the best work in your portfolio. Another tip he gave was that a resume of a designer needs to stand out and be as creative as possible. It needs to catch the Creative Director’s attention and make an instant impression. The work in your portfolio should reflect you as a designer and the time and effort you spent. After the visit, I actually took the entire week at home concentrating on building my best work for my portfolio and making my creative resume.

Here is a preview of their website. Their website showcase a lot of their digital and interactive works such as motion graphics and videos. Their background image of the website is actually the illustration on one of their walls inside the studio.


Home Page


Here are some snapshots during the visit: I really like their studio, it almost feels like home but more roomy and open. I love the big space and the amount of light inside the studio. One of my favourite interior designs I’ve seen from a studio.


One Method conference room

Private area on your own

Game area

Very open space

Their graffiti wall with all staffs on board. This is the president of One Method

Account Team

Indoor basketball

President's Room

Sitting area

It's funny how every agency has a Jitz table

Open Kitchen


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