Interactive Studios: Mighty

Mighty to me is an agency focuses heavily on digital media or internet. Their creative process involves the entire team, because they believe good ideas can come from anybody even from the accounting person. They use entertainment, social media, music, websites, interactive displays and software applications to make brands famous. I did not get to tour around their studio as much as the other ones, but it has a big open space area with a large open kitchen. Very spacious and open. Their rooms are also quite opened as well, because they are just one big glass, you can pretty much see what  is inside from the outside. I had the privilege to greet their Creative Director, Jon Toews. He shared that their ideal candidate needs to be very good at one thing and able to do other things as well, and in his words “hungry on other things”. He recommended all designers to keep themselves updated in pop culture and digital online in order to be successful in this industry.

Their website is like a blog, sharing all cool and innovative videos clips or designs that they encounter on a normal basis. They also made a self-promo website called, Make Me Mighty. A cool webpage that generates interesting graphics when you type in your name to make it “mighty” and epic.

Their webpage is more like a blog style

Their Self Promo Site to make your name all Mighty and Epic

The graphics are different every time

Main Lobby Area

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