Interactive Studios: Grip Limited

Besides the big orange slide inside Grip’s studio, the most memorable part during the visit was the terminology that I learned from the Director of Production, Jacoub Bondre: Intercommunicapakastrapromatising

Cool eh? This “simple” term describes what the agency is all about.

Interactive + Communication + Packaging + Strategy + Promotion + Advertising = Grip Ltd.

A preview of their website shows how strong they focus on the interactivity in their work. I think it is certainly one of the most entertaining and attention-grabbing websites I’ve seen among all other agency’s websites. They focus on being interactive, users can scroll up and down or sideways to view their work and company content. Typography also weighs heavily as well. However, I still think it is more of a wow factor than actually functional. It is not the most user friendly and easy website designs. You almost need some time to figure out how to navigate the pages to see what you want to see.

Here are some of the snapshots during the visit:

The Big Orange Slide

Upper Floor and the Lower Floor


Work area

*Sorry for the blurry photos

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