It’s like a magic pocket!

I was at my company’s party and had a conversation with my Technical Director who carries his ipad around everywhere he goes. I started raising my concerns with the incapabilities of the ipad and the inconvenience of always having to connect with itunes. He then showed me a very interesting app called the Dropbox. It’s a cloud based application that uses 3rd party storage to store files for you, so you can retrieve them anywhere you go from you computer, ipad or iphone. So I immediately installed the app to try it out. Like they say, “it’s like a magic pocket!” I no longer need to email my stuffs to my email account or use an usb to transfer the files anymore. Now there’s no hassel of linking to itunes to install documents or applications! It’s such a clever an efficient app for all the smart phone users, esp ipad and iphone users. It is free and comes with 2GB storage space! You can share your files / folders to your friends anywhere in the world.

Visit and get it for free!  I already installed on my PC, Mac and iphone~ Save my life and time a lot!

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