Interactive Studios: The Marketing Store

I think the Marketing Store is one of the few studios that I visited who still focus largely with print medias. Some of their clients include McDonald’s, Nissan, Home Depot, Canadian Tire, McGregor and Diageo. They have a total of 904 employees altogether in their 12 global offices, with their headquarter located in Hong Kong. The teams within The Marketing Store includes: Account Management, Project Management, Business Analyst, Data Analytics, Creative, Print Production, Studio, Technology and Quality Assurance. Their Toronto office has two floors, employees work inside a bright and colourful cubical area.

Here is a preview of their flash based website. Their logo (the bag) will drop a set of colourful marbles to be used as navigations throughout the site. I think it’s a simple idea and very fun to navigate.

Here are some of the snapshots during the visit:

Conference Room
Their work display
During Presentation

*Sorry didn’t get a chance to snap pictures of the colourful cubicals


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